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Industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic(PV) power generation system refers to laying solar modules on the roofs of factories and marketplaces, converting the solar energy absorbed by the front and back sides of solar modules, into direct current(DC) according to "photovoltaic effect", and then into alternating current(AC) through inverters to supply load or power grid. With the PV system characterized by balanced adjustment in the distribution system, users may produce and use PV power by themselves, selling the surplus to the grid or sell all power produced to the grid.

The "Duoduo" industrial and commercial distributed PV system adheres to the quality management advantages that FXPOWER has practiced for a long time. Through technological innovation and the integration of materials such as modules, inverters, DC cables, brackets, systematic products are formed. Quality control in the whole process is adopted. Through strict design review, material acceptance, system integration and other quality control links, the system efficiency can reach up to 95% within the rear power generation gain. The core modules provide 15-year warranty and 30-year power warranty, thus ensuring the excellent quality of PV systems, greatly increasing the service life of the power station system.

The advantages of Duoduo power station

Half-cell bifacial module

The "Duoduo" industrial and commercial distributed PV system adopts the monocrystalline half-cell bifacial PERC. Its high power ensures that under the condition of utilizing the least roof resources, it can obtain larger installed capacity, higher power generation and the lower cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity.

The design of the half-cell module of Duoduo Power Station is halved to reduce its internal current and electrical loss, so that higher power can be achieved. Besides, it ensures that the front power generation effect is better than that of the general module, and the front power generation capacity is improved. Meanwhile, due to the lower current, the working temperature of the half-cell module is lower than that of the conventional modules (Fig. 1), so the probability of the occurrence of hot spots will be lower, reducing the hidden danger of problems in the modules.

Fig. 1: Comparison of Working Temperature Difference between Half-cell Modules and Full-cell Modules

The temperature coefficient of a half-cell bifacial module is -0.38%/, lower than -0.4%/of a conventional module, thus reducing the power generation loss arising from high temperature of modules. 

Series-parallel structural design

The series-parallel structural design of the half-cell modules of Duoduo Power Station can effectively reduce the influence of shadow shielding on power generation under the vertical installation mode. Compared with the total power generation loss of conventional modules, the half-cell modules can ensure half of the normal power generation (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2: The Different Generating Power when the half-cell and the whole-cell modules are blocked.

For example, when the lower half of the module is shaded in the morning and evening, the upper half of the half-cell module can still work, outputting 50% power, while the whole-cell module cannot output any power(Fig. 2). 

Bifacial modules borderless design

In PV power stations, we often notice that there is not much dust in other parts of the module, but there is always a large amount of dust accumulated in the frame at the lower end of the module. Some even form mud belts, completely shielding the cells, causing local power generation loss. Even worse, it may cause the hot spot effect of the panels, which will burn them down, which is a serious potential safety hazard of photovoltaic power stations. (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3: Site Photo of Module Dust Accumulation

The borderless design of FX-DH120P6 bifacial modules can greatly increase the self-cleaning capability of the modules and reduce the impact of dust deposition on the borders of PV modules. According to the comparative analysis of power stations where the inclination angle of two types of modules is lower than 12 degrees, the power generation of FX-frameless bifacial modules is more than 3% higher than that of framed modules.

Power Guarantee

Fig. 4: Linear Power Guarantee & Standard Linear Power Guarantee for FX-DH120P6 Bifacial Module

The FX-DH120P6 bifacial module has a 30-year power warranty, with an annual attenuation of 2% in the first year and 0.45% per year in the second to 30th years. Compared with the products of other similar manufacturers, FX-DH120P6 bifacial module's annual attenuation in the first year is reduced by more than 0.5% and more than 0.25% per year in the second to 30th years. It's cumulative power in 25 years is increased by 87.5%. (Fig. 4) 


We can see the internal structure of a single-glazing frame module and a double-glazing without frame module connected by the EL test instrument respectively from the fig. The comparative experiment began with walking, standing and jumping on two modules respectively. The results showed that there were cracks, shadows and even damaged batteries inside the single-glazing module, while the double-glazing module was "undamaged".


Fig. 5: Trampling test on the single-glazing frame module  Fig. 6: Trampling test on the double-glazing frameless module

It can be seen from the test that the core advantages of the double-glazing module are compressive, weather resistance and insulation performance far from that of the single-glazing module. It is because of these advantages that double-glazing photovoltaic modules are favored by many people and provide the best solution for high-quality photovoltaic power stations.

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